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At a crossroads, she must decide between revealing her sexuality to her parents, or losing the love of her life.

Karaoke Speed Dating, Paradise by the dashboard light.

MUSIC AND LOVE PROVIDE BY Arno Lemons THE CONCEPT Choose a duet :: get a random duet date :: sing a long with your date :: make love (or play ping pong) Mics, cheesy karaoke slows, dates and tons of awkwardness included.

AFTER THE KARAOKE PARTY COMES THE AFTER PARTY Arno Lemons will make you and your random date stick to that dancefloor.

If this is the case, perhaps you should change your settings so that you can be anonymous and I’m not weirded out (or perhaps misled? While some may argue that Snapchat isn’t technically a “social media platform,” I beg to differ. They’ve already created a subreddit where they exchange Snapchat user names with strangers.

Most Snapchat users treat it like Facebook for more pointless posts, and with the addition of Stories, it’s becoming closer and closer to being more than a nudie pic vessel.

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There was the time a company advertised bikini clad women as a perk to the job.

Why would we want a man who does not know how to speak to a woman? We have a job, friends and a nearby grocery store we like.

Or who has never had to respect a woman as a superior? We're not going to go manhunting across the country just because some article tells us there is a magical place full of wonderful men, who probably don't exist anyway. We are sure there are some perfectly decent Silicon Valley guys. We hear these men might not be so rich in a little while, anyway.

It’s Halloween and the costumes aren’t the only things creepy around here.

Check out which social networks give us the heebie jeebies.

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