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As the granddaughter of one of the characters, I have been observing this monthly rite since childhood.

I want to tell this story because I think in this microworld are represented social and political differences that have lived in Chile.

Although they had to live through various historical and political changes.

Despite great differences in the way they face these changes, it seems important to us to show how they have been able to argue and still love each other.

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They have constantly adapted to changes and today still do not give up, finding new opportunities which are inevitably the latest, and representing a new model of aging, which in spite of illness and approaching death, they try to be fully active.Six elderly women religiously gather for tea, once a month, for the past sixty years.In these meetings, they try to look their best, jovial, as if they had their whole lives ahead of them, trying to momentarily hide the fact that time is inevitably passing for them.Tea Time, the documentary, is like this story, and it captures a transversal social custom that happens at all ages and social extracts; it is, however, a rite that is dying.It used to be a moment of the day in which family and friends gathered to share; these women continue to do so daily, and as a group once a month, for sixty years.

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