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I always sucked her swollen clit for a long time just to get her good and ready and when she orgasmed she let out the loudest moans.

She spent a whole year at our house and we fucked 5 times a week. My wife sister stayed the night one night at are house and we all sit around one night and talking having a good time and it was getting late then the phone rang and it was my wife work asking her to come in so she went to work and we went to bed and she slept in the spare bedroom next the next thing i knew i felt something climb in bed.

I caught my little sister riding my bf's crotch rocket during her summer at our house.

I was furious and made her watch as I rode him then stopping to make her lick my juices off his dick every so often and when he came inside me I straddled her head dripping his hot goo all over her face.

Professional,striking, lady, 35, looking for genuine , intelligent, discreet ladiessingle/with m/f partner for simple, adventurous, safe fun. I have a partner and we swing as acouple, but this is purely for my satisfaction and enjoyment and hewon't be involved. I am hoping to build up enough trust and friendship withsomeone to meet for some...

Hi, I am Cassandra, single with b/f, looking for some bi fun withsingle/attached girls, b/f to watch, wank, join in if permitted, he isblack 24 and is a stallion! hiladies im katie from blackpool im 22 5`3 wiv dark hair and brown eyes.

I'vehad an ad on here for a few weeks now, and aside from speaking with oneor two genuine ladies, ( and several men, pretending ) I still haven'tfound exactly what I'm looking for? I'd now like to give it a try, with out any male involvement.

later that night I was fucking my gf and I thought I saw someone peeking at the door, but said nothing.I really didn't pay much attention to who it was because i was sleeping then next thing i know she started to rub my cock thinking it was my wife came home and so i just let her play with it for a bit then rolled over and there she was my wife sister and i ask her what the hell you doing and next thing i knew she was saying i saw how you look at me this eveing and i what you bad so not thinking about it she got on top of my 8ich cock and slid her pussy over my cock and started to fuck me and i didn't see anything wrong with it because my wife was at work and she told me due what ever my litte sister what so i did and next thing I know i was about to cum and pulling it out and she said no keep it in so i did and dam It felt so good to cum inside her and we been doing this alot when when my wife work graveyard My situation was my gf and her younger sister.I have a nice place out in the country with a nice fishing pond, swimming pool, horses to ride, etc.we all laughed, but I was a bit nervous, and my gf says... then her sister said well, I watched you two fuck last night so it would only be fair if you watched us fuck...again nervous laughter on my part, but I soon realized that my gf was into this.

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