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"Fuck Valentine's Day." You probably don't expect those words from Pamela Anderson. (When champagne-coloured silk sheets, lingerie and rose petals are involved, you know it's serious.) But in a surprise twist, Anderson's hot date turns out to be... "No one knows you better than you," the tagline reads. I spoke to Anderson about her own Valentine's Day memories, how she's gained such body confidence, and what her go-to sexy movie is. The men in my life have always been extremely passionate and romantic— it's hard to regret the good times."Do you have any Valentine's Day rituals? I love lingerie, candles, and my lair is a beautiful and inviting space. That’s a daily ritual for me— improving my life, my romantic world is precious to me.". To enjoy life is to live as one’s true self without interference or judgements. "To remember to take time to enjoy our own bodies — Self exploration makes us better lovers, and, we cannot forget it takes work to make love better and better. To feel pleasure, heartache…This film was meant to be cheeky.

The actress has teamed up with famed photographer Rankin for Coco de Mer's latest campaign, called "Take Your Breath Away." The NSFW film for the London-based lingerie label, which runs for just under two minutes, starts out with Anderson getting ready for what looks like a smoking hot . My dad and grandfather were poets— they wrote such sweet letters. I think it’s a void I’ve tried to fill over and over. I feel the same fears, pangs, questions, I just may have learned to enjoy those feelings. I think some boundaries have been placed on us by society, by other people. I have been blessed with a wildly erotic and naughty mind. Funny is what made me want to do it."What do you hope women take away from the film?

"I don’t know if it’s confidence, maybe it’s trust that I’m in the place I’m meant to be, and I’m free. We must be brave to have fun, to get that thrill... Working out of a London studio, it focuses on impact storytelling, creating entire campaigns under one roof…

"Do you feel different about appearing undressed now, as opposed to earlier in your career? from creative development and brand strategy to the in-house studio, production and post-production facilities.

It now works with mobile devices, and has cool animated gifts you can send to others once you'd earned enough credits / points within.If you register a free account in the peeps social section you will have options for sending PMs, creating rooms, having your avatar appear next to your screen name and messages, and more.We also have the "peeps cams chat system" which has a few dozen regular users who really appreciate the unique features of that system.PLEASE read the important safety info down below before using our chat rooms and other messaging systems!Thousands of people are enjoying our own popular free, java sex chat rooms here 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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