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"I came back from Tim's house the morning after the fire, where I live in Battersea is by the river and then you've got Chelsea, Fulham and over to Kensington, and you see the smoke rising right in front of you. It was just horrific, it was the morning after so we understood by then what had happened. Theresa May doesn't seem to have, what's the word, empathy." The crises that engulf London sit in stark relief to her own life, which seems to be in a golden age.Aside from the career, she is more settled in her personal life. But then nothing happened and all these years later, we met again. It's going great, I'm very happy." In the spring, Rachel and Tim took a trip to Hong Kong together to watch his horse Big Orange take part in races at Sha Tin.But she still hankered for horses and only took a job at the local Dublin City Channel because she presumed it would leave her with plenty of time for equestrian matters. She did everything that went into making each broadcast, including "moving the autocue with my foot".While on a trip to Aintree, a friend of hers called to say that Sky Sports News was looking for a presenter and she should apply.This is, perhaps, also why her range of sports runs the spectrum from cricket to GAA. "In the beginning, my boss was like 'what's your knowledge of cricket? But then again, I think most of the country was unaware we even had a cricket team until they beat England in the World Cup. She can't imagine moving "home, home" in the foreseeable future.I got to know people who loved it and went to games and just sat on all day. When you follow a person's career, you become a bit invested in it." She is an image of an Irish person in London that gives comfort amid all the Brexit paranoia. London is at the heart of everything that's going on for her.

And the couple have shared pictures of them together in the past few weeks, with Rachel posting an Instagram snap of Gredley hugging her.She hardly makes a move out of place through any of it; no comment, and a big smile.It just seems to blow like a storm around her - she has that perfect newsreader quality; sphinx-like and inscrutable."So I fired off the email and lo and behold, they emailed me back and said when will you be in London. I went and did the interview and a month later I was moving over.At that stage, I still had it in my mind to do something with horses.

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