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You have to be tender with him as I’m just setting him up.At the moment he can only answer three questions but I am hoping to give him more knowledge very soon.A website called Pandora Bots allows you to build your own chat bots and publish them to the internet.This was too good for me to pass up and this today I gave birth to Cardinal Richelieu of Three Musketeers fame.It only takes one person to move everything forward to the next stage.If you decide to make your own bot, leave the URL here in the comments so I can ask it questions!By Mark O’Neill I am going through a big instant messaging phase at the moment (Google Talk and Twitter being my two favourite programs) and I have become a little obsessed recently with how IM programs work and in particular how chat bots work.Bots are simply small programs (with a sprinkling of artificial intelligence) which are automated and designed to do a specific task.

Maybe you would take a look at the Pandora Bot project, subscribe to the various mailing lists, chat to the participants, see what research is being done and realise you alone know how to progress the bots to the next level?

It takes time for a new-born to develop speech skills and question-answering techniques.

I haven’t quite mastered everything on Pandora Bots yet but here’s a quick overview of how to quickly set up your own bot and get it to answer some basic questions.

At one point, you could even have turned your Pandora Bot into an AIM Messenger bot but apparently AIM has done something to disable that feature (pesky AIM! I am hoping the feature comes back soon and if it does, I’ll profile it here on Geeks Are Sexy.

There’s also so much more on the Pandora Bots site that I haven’t touched on yet which might form the basis of another article in itself.

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